Shared Cleaning

In order to keep costs, and thus your rent, as low as possible, we have all agreed to share the responsibilites of cleaning the building ourselves. This is entirely voluntary, but factors in to planning and decision making as the project moves forward. If we find we need to hire a cleaning crew, it will raise the cost of shared amenities significantly for everyone. If you are in a suite, or group of suites with a set of restrooms, you and your neighboring tenants will be responsible for cleaning those restrooms and shared hallways. We ask that you work out the details of how you will share those responsibilities amongst yourselves. All tenants must keep their items within the space they rent. Please DO NOT place items in vacant spaces, shared hallways, etc., without prior approval from the Coventry PEACE Board. Below you will find a downloadable document showing assigned responsibilities for common areas throughout the building.

SUPPLIES:  Basic paper and cleaning supplies will be located in the storage area next to the Teachers Union suite. If you are in need of a mop and bucket – those are stored in the janitor closet in the back hallway by Ensemble Theatre, HOWEVER, the drain in that room is NOT FUNCTIONING, so buckets should be emptied OUTSIDE. Please DO NOT empty buckets inside as it will clog our drains and cost us significant money to repair. If you find certain supplies are running low, please notify us via the Tenant Portal Maintenance Request, or email